Monday, July 27, 2009


My brother has been checked for H1N1...
He told me not to tell mum, but... watching my mum worrying about him as he look like hell in the living today... i couldnt stand it anymore and decided to tell her about it.

My brother is very weak to sickness, once he's ill he'll be like near death.
I hope he'll be fine, the thought of it makes me near tears.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crime Scene in front of my house o_o

A woman gave birth to a baby in a ditch 25-35 feet away from the front of my house, cuts off the cord with a broken glass and carried it to the front of my house, it seems she was planning to throw it in our rubbish bin but fortunately we brought the bin inside the house due to scavengers messing our rubbishes. The woman went and cover the baby in newspaper and threw it at the house's bins opposite us instead.

At 8am students of Maktab notice a pair of baby legs from the newspaper and found the dead newborn baby. They immediately call the police and the area outside my house was filled with crowds, 20 police and 3 police cars. They blocked the area with yellow tape and begun investigation. The woman's identity is unknown as this was carried out at midnight or so.

I feel disgusted by this and pity for the dead baby, my mum brought me out to the scene after the police left. The smell at the ditch was horrible as i took these pictures. I seem to meet alot of these cases, am i unlucky or what? =_=

Tried to sms with Jun but he was having a bad day, so i dont dare to talk to him and gave him some time alone.

Sam is kind of angry at Kennie about yesterday's meeting at citymall, Ken last minute canceled and sam was left there alone, (I've already told Sam i wasnt going 30mins before)

I hope everyone cheer up... sigh... what a bad day...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel and Bukit Padang

Day 4 since my sister arrived.

And today i didnt have have a peaceful sleep either, the 2 kids keep coming into my room jumping on my bed and talk talk play play. Keeps poking me "It's 10am already!"

I was having stomachache people wan rest awhile also cant =_= Niece keeps whining she wants to watch "Cinderella Story" on my TV, she kept whining till i get off the bed.

Then i played laptop for awhile and was trying to discuss the Atmosphere meeting details with Kennie but my family kept calling me and interupting my call. I had to close phone on Kennie 2 times. Sry ah ._.

I get drag out to lunch at kingfisher, then to wisma then head for Beach Hotel.

It's the raining season here so the sky are blocked by clouds everyday.
We went to the beach and i played sand with my niece and nephew, i like the beach but not the sea lol.

I made a sand castle and my nephew was crazy over it. He destroyed it in the end though.

After afew hours my brother arrives with his (ex) (current) (?) girl-friend ._. i have no idea they together or not but he said something about gf anyway.

At 3pm we go wash off the sands and head to Bukit Padang, i needed to exercise while my sister go feed the fishes.

I raced with my niece and i nearly died =___= long time no exercise... I immediately have headache and became dizzy and tired.
Whole day activity non-stop, very tired and sticky.

After exercise go eat ABC ( Duno exercise for what lol) then head to dinner at 5.45pm. (Also duno why so early dinner)

Tired tired tired, niece whine/superglue me whole day...tiredddddd

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformer2 Movie

My sister brought her 2 children to K.k from Melbourne for 10 days vacation.

Today is Day 1,

And i am tired beyond my limits. My niece wouldn't stop sticking to me like super glue and almost pulled my arm off. My brother-in-law did not follow this time and has remained at Melbourne.
He is always complaining about kk's hygiene so he refused to visit again, well whatever.

I went to fetch them from Air Asia airport at 12pm, i had to stand 45mins while mum went and go shopping in a nearby souvenir shop herself ==....

Since my nephew wanted to watch Transformer movie so badly, we decided to bring them to 1Borneo watch it with my 2nd sister + her bf + mum.

The movie was nice to watch, but the seats we bought were too near the screen so i couldnt enjoy it much, still its very nice anyway.

I want to watch Ice Age 3 next and already planned to watch it with Jun on Monday, I have to go to Karabunai Resort on sunday though.

Whole day get nagging from niece and non-stop talking + pulling + pushing so tired liao -_-
Tomorrow have to wake damn early to breakfast... Day 1 is over... more torture coming up.