Friday, August 26, 2011

Drawings & Sketching

I started drawing on real portraits when i started college, and did some for my assignments.

Revival and new things!

Haven't touch this blog in years! I think.
I'll get some time into this when i can. Haha.

Got a boyfriend, started college (a year ago), new friends at school, then more new friends on bf side. Life is more interesting than they were before.
Though less interesting on a more 'personal' note.

I've been watching korean dramas recently and loved some of them. I'm the emotional sappy type so i sorta cried my eyes out at the tearjerker scenes.

My favourite would be "Secret Garden" for now. I love the casts and the leads actor/actresses, they're amazing in it. Story is abit on the whole switch-body concept between boy and girl but shows the way society are seen in the real world between the rich and poor.

Then "My girlfriend is Gumiho" It's a cute and funny mystical drama, though i regret i did not finish it but the drama is quite good in my opinion!

I just finished "Dream High" that has a few realife korean stars acting in it as students trying to be famous. Kinda cliche, but interesting enough with a story on all main characters.