Friday, May 22, 2009

Psp fixed!!!


Formatted the memory card, PSP REVIVED!!!
Now i dont have to be fooking bored again =_=

My psp broke!!!


My psp broke....or has boomed... i dunno i just cant play any games anymore in it cause THERE ARE NO GAMES VISIBLE HAHAHA.

Well, My brother is taking care of all my college things, his friend is an agent so thats easier.
My eldest sis is coming back to KK on July 1st - 8th with her 2 kids, mum is planning on bringing them to Bukit Padang there exercise. I should join them i think.

My sleep schedule are messed up again, i have to fix it by July or my niece is gonna nag me.

bored bored
bored bored~

I deleted all the vids sorry~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My mum had her eye surgery 3 days ago or so, but despite the doctor caution her not to do any housework she still went and fried fish for my brother without protecting her eyes, im damn worried sigh... my brother came back from terrenganu today and its confirmed i'll study at KL. So we'll be looking for a place to stay there since my brother will transfer to kl to work as well, we'll live together while im there.

PS: I've started to have a crave for Mcdonalds "Spicy Chicken McDeluxe", It is my substitute for KFC's Zinger Burger WHICH THEY CHANGED INTO A CRAPPY RECIPE- urhem...*cough* Anyway, the mcdonalds burger is better and tastes just the way i like it.

And, I downloaded Rock Band Unplugged PSP game yesterday, its entertaining since I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!! But there's a few glitch here and there so thats bad...haha............... I feel so miserable...zz....

I've started watching Japanese Drama (J-Drama) these days, cant be helped... i got nothing to do at home...

First is
Yasuko To Kenji


TOKIO's Masahiro Matsuoka will star in a new NTV drama series called "Yasuko to Kenji." It is based on a comical manga by artist Aruko that was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret between April 2005 and November 2006.

The show focuses on a man named Kenji and his younger sister Yasuko, whose parents died in an accident 10 years earlier. Kenji was once the leader of a gang, but in order to support him and his sister, he began making a living as a shojo mangaka. His character normally wears glasses and appears to be a gentle guy, but he throws off his glasses and reverts to his violent side whenever he tries to protect Yasuko from danger. Part of the story follows Yasuko's romance with an intelligent and good-looking man named Jun Tsubaki. Jun's older sister Erika now runs a flower shop, but Erika was once a leader of a female gang, and she used to be in love with Kenji during those days. --Tokyograph

Overall its almost like Gokusen or GTO but it's not, with a different plot of the story and some twist. Very comic feel and very funny indeed. I'd rate it 8/10 cause i like gangster type dramas.

Next is a Korean Movie,

200 Pounds Beauty

  • Description:

    Hanna is the famous Korean pop singer. She suffers from having extremely poor self-esteem, as she has been ignored because of her appearance. At last, she makes the decision of a lifetime to have full-body plastic surgery.

This is a very nice movie eventhough i dont really like romance kind of stuffs but the story is funny and the music are great. The protaganist actress is very good in acting if i might say so, her reaction to the stupid situation was hilarious. I'd rate this 10/10 cause i really like it x_x

You can watch these at they have english subtitles though. (I cant read chinese hahaha)

Guah... its 3am...tired and headache. I've completely forgot to write these past few days too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Annoying wake up call...

Im so tired... and so moody today. I was sleeping when my mum kept spamming phonecalls on me, and knocking my door nonstop. Annoyed i went and open the door sleepy as hell, next thing i know she tells me that my dad wants us on the plane to kl at 4pm, i was like, wtf??? why so last minute then tell me? i HATE people that decides things so last minute, and they expect people to be FREE and PREPARED immediately............. i have to prepare 2 weeks worth of cloths and stuffs in less than 3hour, and most of my cloths are in laundry, so idk how the hell im suppose to finish prepare everything in such a rush time.

I manage to pack everything... THEN my mum tells me........... my dad postpone our flight to next week........... i was super pissed off so much............ damn annoying............ I no mood for whole day already.... mum stills nagging me bout laundry shit. Pissed off so much i fell asleep on the sofa in the living tired... din even have the appetite to eat dinner leisurely at all... and then there was a blackout at 9pm+ something....

what a greaaatttttt day eh...?

btw....Phantasy Star Portable is nice.....but not nice enough... it got boring after 2hr playing it...
I still favor Tales Of Radiant Mythology 2 over everything else, maybe except Final Fantasy Crisis Core la, that one is my no1 fav first, Tales are 2nd.


I seriously am not getting any hope of even going to school from ....her action................ -_-

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today went yamcha with Alton and Sam at Old Town Citymall, Daniel was suppose to be there as well but he "throw airplane" jor, so only us 3 yamcha at 3pm (Alton was late so start at 3.35pm).

We talked alot of topics, mostly about seri insan and our classmates. I asked Alton about his school at kl there, The One Academy. I got very interested... and wondered if i could enter it....

Sam had to fetch her sister at 5.30pm so she left early, i had dinner at 6.30 and have to wait for 1hr. I feel sorry i made Alton stay back with me x_x sorry ah...

I went to dinner with family at Hilltop and i discuss to my family about The One Academy and about KL, my mum and eldest brother was worrying about the danger there. Im having a damn headache just thinking about the requirements to enter that school, i completely failed my SPM Bahasa Melayu, they say need Bm, i went to the school's website and saw they only want compulsory English pass only.... confuse.............but if need bm pass then oh lin la.......... i dun feel like studying/retaking bm again ar........damn annoying...

Then i show my dad the school's info and said i will take Illustration course, he says there's no $$$ from it, and wants me to take Advertisement or Interior Design. ZzzZzZzz both of those are not even my specialty..... and im not interest in those either...

Well the important thing for now is the spm crap...
The headache................

Monday, May 4, 2009

Intense fear...


Im starting to have my anti-school phobia back now im thinking about sia.....
damn... but i think....if its a school about something i really like....(drawing) ... then maybe, just maybe i can stand going to school... i hope i dont repeat the mistakes of running away again... i hate this phobia of school of mine.......

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Arghhhhhh!!! I'm so annoyed, dissapointed, agitated and ultimately SAD!!!!!!!

There's this new psp game that i seriously really wanna play [Tales of the radiant world mythology 2] but it just released at 28th January in japan so there are only Jap version of the game (Unfortunately i cant read kanji....making things more sadder...) I cant find any english version on the net or out there...maybe... I think i should go to center point to check if its out in the shop or not...i want this game so bad its making me annoyed zzz

Oh, i really like this new J-rock group called BACK-ON, they make awesome musics that captivates me at first sight, or hear. It's like a mix of D15 + uverworld kinda feeling, which is nice.

Try listening to their "Chain" and "Fly away"

I think im going to go crazy in the next few days thinking about this game. This must be a side effect of boredom at home.