Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not well

I've somehow got an allergic reaction from last night at the Room25 place with Kennie, Joann and Sansan. Kennie convinced me to try out one of those Bongs or something, which you try smoking a flavor? Kennie chose Grape flavor by the way. Somehow i began sneezing once i took it, and continued sneezing back home at 11.15pm. Throughout the night i had trouble sleeping, my throat hurts and i couldnt breathe through my nose anymore. I woke earlier than always in exhaustion and pain. I couldnt even drink water to ease the pain, my mum is sending me to the doctor later to get the med. This is just one of those days that is such a pain in the ass to have.

I've send a comment to Vivien's blog about her issues too, i hope she's well at aussie.

Joann also planned a small gathering of our highschool classmates that are still here in kk at the Tanjung Aru beach. Im not sure if i would be healthy by then but i hope so, cause i wanna see the others alot.

I dont think i dislike SanSan anymore, eventhough the fact that she's with a 31yr old guy is abit...weird. But i guess everyone is different...

Gonna go now. Bye.


  1. hahahaha.. u change a lot flora... u ahh dun try to smoke la.. not good for health... actually i try to smoke before when i face my brother with tat girl while i am in hobart... but now i din.. i am not addict with it...

  2. hey,does blogspot and blogger r the same? cz i think i missunderstood u guys said the
    "blogspot" , then now i rmb i got blogger but not blogspot..><....

  3. and sorry about that makes u sick...><
    hope u're ok now =)

  4. got so king ngiao meh....<.<

  5. hahahaha kennie dun smoke la

  6. this is not smoking lar... i wont be so stupid to smoke k...