Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've felt more better today since i've slept for nearly 19hours feeling like hell. Throat is not painful to swallow anymore. Hopefully i'll be back in shape soon.

Kennie has been having family drama again, she seems to be suffering alot at home and tending to go out late at night as long as she can. I really hope she'll be ok as well, even though her mum is making life hell for her and her sister.

My dad just returned from Terenganu, but bad things seems to happen when he returned lol. The astro in the living room got cancelled, there was a 3hr blackout in the entire kk, had a crappy service at our fav restaurant, and i got sick. All in 1 day. I dont know if its bad omen or something, but the coincidence of these events made me lol, except the sickness part, that was hell for me. Mum is force feeding me watermelons. Which i seriously dont like................

I'm beginning to like this new singer Lady Gaga too, her music is very nice to listen to.
The weather these days are so humid and hot, its almost like a desert here at 41 degrees. People are getting sick everywhere due to the weather.


  1. hahahahahaha i like her song poker face.. damn nice ehhhh>< u ahhhhh so good ehh can eat watermelon...T.T i wan...

  2. i dun wan watermelonn @_@ i giv u lar...

  3. lady gaga rox!!! i love all her songs .. but except some...