Saturday, May 2, 2009


Arghhhhhh!!! I'm so annoyed, dissapointed, agitated and ultimately SAD!!!!!!!

There's this new psp game that i seriously really wanna play [Tales of the radiant world mythology 2] but it just released at 28th January in japan so there are only Jap version of the game (Unfortunately i cant read kanji....making things more sadder...) I cant find any english version on the net or out there...maybe... I think i should go to center point to check if its out in the shop or not...i want this game so bad its making me annoyed zzz

Oh, i really like this new J-rock group called BACK-ON, they make awesome musics that captivates me at first sight, or hear. It's like a mix of D15 + uverworld kinda feeling, which is nice.

Try listening to their "Chain" and "Fly away"

I think im going to go crazy in the next few days thinking about this game. This must be a side effect of boredom at home.


  1. hahahaha.. go learn kanji then.. good for u...

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  3. i've heard chain from "Air Gear" long time ago...dunno fly aways but yeah it rawks!!!!1111 o>_<o

  4. shet i can't delete it ._.