Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cyber and a Haircut.

Today met with Sam and Jason, we went yamcha at Damai to talk talk bout things since its been 1 and half year din meet. We reminisce about the past and many subjects and enjoyed it, we talked for about 2hrs + before we went to Citymall cause Sam has another Lok Yuk gathering there, eventhough she wanted to escape it. When we arrive there me and Jason went walking around while Sam chat with her friends, after awhile Sam calls me that my Primary childhood friend Anna Yap was there with her, me and Jason went back to OldTown and i saw Anna havent changed one bit at all lol... We sat down together and it was awkward since we have not much to talk about. After awhile, seeing Jason so bored among all the girls there i told Sam lets go play cyber play play. So we went along and enter a Cyber somewhere in citymall (i completely forget where it is already) Jason made us play "Left 4 Dead", a point-of-view zombie killing game with 4 Humans vs zombies. 1 of us would always have to be a zombie cuz 5 people playing lol. After abit it got boring so we went ahead and play "Call of Arms" or something, im not sure.
First Round i got 30kills and First Place huahahaha, I miss these guns games so much its been a long time since i played with friends. 2nd Round i got 2nd place wit Jason 1st place, 3rd round with me 2nd place again and i think Anna got 1st? After playing our heart out i got abit hyper and we went to the Game Center at the 3rd floor to play Car racing and Basketball, Jason and Sam looked dead tired by now, Sam was dizzy as hell and wanted to puke at that moment lol.

Everyone went back at 4pm, i went to cut my hair at Asia City with my mum. I think the shop's name is "Allan Salon"(?)

After alot of salon i've been to i think i like this shop most for now.

Black eye circle @_@ Very sleepy and i took a small nap before i took this pic, so the main hairstyle got out of place liao.

I look like hell =_= ...


  1. u cut shorter again ar??? short leh... sam now is free rite.. fin her a level ler

  2. yeah sam no more school for 6 months so she's very free. i dont understand your sentence though lol, what u mean "fin her a level"?

  3. wei~ we play left 4 dead when i back~ i wan join.. i play this game every weekend with my housemate... hahaha tat game is fun.. i was shouting when i play that game but now.. imune le... can crazy with it now^^

  4. means A LEVEL... erm.. like foundation only..