Friday, June 19, 2009

My past life (??)

My mother has a hobby of bhuddist-related-fortune-telling stuffs, she believes in alot of spiritual beings and she always lectures about these every single day, though its annoying and troublesome to me but some of her claims are simply too amusing.

Tonight after dinner at kingfisher, she went and claim that she can predict what kind of person we were (Me and my siblings) in our past lives.

Apparently she has only predicted me and my 2nd sister only, and that my sister former 'life' was a Shao Lin kung fu master (lol?) and in the -former life- my mother did something to made my -sis- have a grudge on her. Thus came back as her -daughter- for repayment.

I snorted and couldn't help but be amused at this, curiously i asked what was my past life was?

I was someone foreign, from Germany or something and that i have the same hobby of drawing, but my main job was selling medicine drugs, i wanted more $$ so i scam people with prices more than original to cheat them.

My mother concludes that was why when i was reborn (now) i had to eat alot of medicine for 9 years since i have weak body when i was a child.

I dont know whether to laugh or be speechless but it is interesting enough for me.
But i guess since she's my mum its abit cute.



  1. hahahaha.. really huh.. u must be the one who cheat me before... cuz nowadays i am the one who cheating u...^^ and the one who forcing u to eat medicine when u are sick~ kekekkeke... btw it seems interesting but make sure.. u don into it.. not good..^^

  2. of course im not into it la, i just find the conversation very interesting hahhaa