Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crime Scene in front of my house o_o

A woman gave birth to a baby in a ditch 25-35 feet away from the front of my house, cuts off the cord with a broken glass and carried it to the front of my house, it seems she was planning to throw it in our rubbish bin but fortunately we brought the bin inside the house due to scavengers messing our rubbishes. The woman went and cover the baby in newspaper and threw it at the house's bins opposite us instead.

At 8am students of Maktab notice a pair of baby legs from the newspaper and found the dead newborn baby. They immediately call the police and the area outside my house was filled with crowds, 20 police and 3 police cars. They blocked the area with yellow tape and begun investigation. The woman's identity is unknown as this was carried out at midnight or so.

I feel disgusted by this and pity for the dead baby, my mum brought me out to the scene after the police left. The smell at the ditch was horrible as i took these pictures. I seem to meet alot of these cases, am i unlucky or what? =_=

Tried to sms with Jun but he was having a bad day, so i dont dare to talk to him and gave him some time alone.

Sam is kind of angry at Kennie about yesterday's meeting at citymall, Ken last minute canceled and sam was left there alone, (I've already told Sam i wasnt going 30mins before)

I hope everyone cheer up... sigh... what a bad day...


  1. ewww...... stupid woman... poor baby... somemore its a guy lagi..aiks....

  2. errrrr... how can this happen?? haiz hope will find out the woman soon...