Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformer2 Movie

My sister brought her 2 children to K.k from Melbourne for 10 days vacation.

Today is Day 1,

And i am tired beyond my limits. My niece wouldn't stop sticking to me like super glue and almost pulled my arm off. My brother-in-law did not follow this time and has remained at Melbourne.
He is always complaining about kk's hygiene so he refused to visit again, well whatever.

I went to fetch them from Air Asia airport at 12pm, i had to stand 45mins while mum went and go shopping in a nearby souvenir shop herself ==....

Since my nephew wanted to watch Transformer movie so badly, we decided to bring them to 1Borneo watch it with my 2nd sister + her bf + mum.

The movie was nice to watch, but the seats we bought were too near the screen so i couldnt enjoy it much, still its very nice anyway.

I want to watch Ice Age 3 next and already planned to watch it with Jun on Monday, I have to go to Karabunai Resort on sunday though.

Whole day get nagging from niece and non-stop talking + pulling + pushing so tired liao -_-
Tomorrow have to wake damn early to breakfast... Day 1 is over... more torture coming up.